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Security Systems

Access Control

Protecting your facility and employees without impacting your business operations can be a challenge. Dunbar Security Solutions recommends multiple top of the market access systems, allowing you to control access to your doors, elevators, garages, and other points of entry. Access control systems go a long way towards keeping your business secure and freeing time for you to focus on other business tasks.



Access Permissions

Dunbar Security Solutions provides access control systems that allow you to fully customize access levels and times for employees and other persons that need to access your facility. You can assign specific permissions to different points of entry in your facility and these permissions can be assigned to both individuals and groups.


Access Reporting

Easily keep track of your employee’s access history and cardholder movements with access reporting. With remote management options, entry door breaches will immediately be reported to your device of choice, giving you peace of mind knowing that you will be quickly notified if there is an entry door breach.


Scalable Management

Our access control systems are designed to be effective and easy to use. As your facilities and workforce change and expand, it is easy to add and edit access controls.


IP-Based System

Internet-Protocol based systems don’t require a middleware device or software to maintain your system. This makes it more reliable, with real-time notification abilities, easier maintenance, and lower IT costs.


System Monitoring

Dunbar Security Solutions team of highly trained security experts keep you from having to monitor access on your own. With 24/7 monitoring services, you can give your full attention to other business responsibilities knowing that trusted professionals are keeping your business secure.


Software Upgrades

Our systems are able to update as soon as software upgrades are available, giving you the most current security features.


Managed Access Control

Dunbar Security Solutions uses a cloud-based service, which gives you the ability to control multiple facilities through Dunbar’s web-based tools and applications. Mobile access to these features allows you to keep track of who is entering and exiting your building even when you aren’t there. Dunbar Security Solutions even takes care of your day-to-day administrative tasks such as adding and deleting users, updating schedules, and compiling reports.

Security Solutions

Intrusion Detection

Our Intrusion Detection Systems integrate with your general security system to deter potential intruders before they even attempt to gain access to your facility. Dunbar Security Solutions offers fully customizable detection systems that perform way beyond traditional lock-and-key systems, in terms of both protection and value.



Digital Security Controls

Our top-notch intrusion detection systems are designed for modern technologies including I.P, VOIP, and wired telephones. Two-way communication with the control panel allows instant arm/disarm and text input capabilities from a smartphone. Programming changes can easily be made from your desktop browser, allowing you to control your detection system.


Encrypted Wireless

Dunbar Security Solutions offers wireless intrusion detection systems that meet Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) standards for two-way communication. This allows our systems to have a higher level of encryption than most competitors, meaning your devices communicate securely with your control panel, reducing the risk of a network security breach.


Intrusion Devices

Dunbar Security Solutions offers a variety of intrusion devices designed to fit your unique security needs. We utilize many different styles of door contacts, motion sensors, and glass break sensors, for ultimate flexibility when designing a customized security plan for our clients.


Dunbar’s Full Range of Security Solutions

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Protective Guard

Expert security guards for armed security, investigations, security assessment, and more.

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Security Systems

Customized solutions to keep you and yours safe.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance provides a powerful tool for mitigating risk, improving overall business security.

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Monitoring Service

We take care of your monitoring needs so that you can stay focused on your business.

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Access Control & Intrusion Detection

Protect your facility and employees with minimal disruption. Deter potential intruders with Dunbar's Intrusion Detection.

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Fire & Life Safety

We prioritize training and certification to help you obtain the highest standards of Fire and Life Safety affordably.