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Security Services

Protective Guard Services

Dunbar Security Solutions has a team of licensed and trained security personnel who provide protection to commercial, industrial, and high-end residential organizations. Our security standard is unmatched in the industry for quality and consistency. We are dedicated to creating a customized plan for our protective guards to keep your facility safe.

Disciplined, Intelligent Personnel


Security Guards

Our unarmed security guards are great for lower-risk facilities looking for extra protection. Our officers can control access points, patrol client sites, and even act as office concierges. Having physical security officers present on your facility’s grounds at all times deters potential intruders before they even attempt to breach security.


Mobile Vehicle Patrols

For high-risk facilities or one that is too large to only be protected on foot, a larger security presence is required to ensure safety. Many high-risk facilities contain confidential information that needs to be kept secure at all times. Our mobile vehicle patrols combine professional officers with high-tech, distinctly marked security vehicles. Our vehicles can come equipped with video surveillance capabilities, GPS tracking capabilities, and more.


Security Consulting

Dunbar Security Solutions provides knowledgeable consultants who have the expertise necessary to create a customized security plan for your facility. Our team will assess your facility for vulnerabilities that could put your safety at risk. We will work with you to implement an integrated plan that best suits your unique security needs.

Best-in-Class Technology


The Dunbar Technology Suite eliminates the paperwork involved in managing security personnel and gives you the tools to manage your officers remotely and in real time.



Time and attendance verification to guarantee that your officers arrive on time for every shift.



Dunbar security officers can instantly alert clients of any issues, activity, or incidents through mobile reporting.



Track where your officers are at all times during their patrol.

Protective Services Benefits


Crime Deterrence

Video cameras are often enough to discourage a potential intruder from approaching your facility; however, the presence of physical security personnel is an even stronger deterrent. Protective services add an extra element of access control, keeping unauthorized people away before they have the opportunity to breach security.



Dunbar Security Solutions’ team of professional security personnel understand that the wrong type of security can actually hinder your operations and give your business a negative reputation. Our team is composed of well-mannered individuals that have been trained to maintain the right balance between strength, courtesy, and efficiency.



We maintain the best Protective Services in the industry by combining high-quality, professional protection officers with top-of-the-line equipment and technology. Dunbar Security Solutions conducts extensive pre-employment screenings and requires ongoing training for every officer to ensure the best service.



Our ongoing training programs keep our security personnel knowledgeable and prepared to handle any situation. We build meaningful relationships with each of our clients by maintaining regular communication to ensure satisfaction. Dunbar Security Solutions provides stable, reliable service, day-in and day-out.



Each and every one of our employees at Dunbar Security Solutions is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of protection, appearance, and professionalism for every client. With decades of experience, Dunbar Security Solutions knows how to assess and cater to the specific security needs of each business.



Dunbar Security Solutions actively fosters and maintains long-term relationships with all our clients because we know that daily, proactive collaboration improves our standards of service and your level of satisfaction.

Dunbar’s Full Range of Security Solutions

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Protective Guard

Expert security guards for armed security, investigations, security assessment, and more.

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Security Systems

Customized solutions to keep you and yours safe.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance provides a powerful tool for mitigating risk, improving overall business security.

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Monitoring Service

We take care of your monitoring needs so that you can stay focused on your business.

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Access Control & Intrusion Detection

Protect your facility and employees with minimal disruption. Deter potential intruders with Dunbar's Intrusion Detection.

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Fire & Life Safety

We prioritize training and certification to help you obtain the highest standards of Fire and Life Safety affordably.