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Dunbar Security Solutions offers integrated security systems that can be customized to fit any space, providing security that protects your business from every angle. We are dedicated to keeping your business and employees protected 24/7.

Access Control/Intrusion Detection

Our access control systems allow easy control over who can enter and exit your building’s doors, garages, elevators, and other points of entry. Integrated intrusion detection features notify personnel when there is a door breach, instantly implementing an emergency response. Eliminate the worry of unwanted persons in your facility with an access control system from Dunbar Security Solutions.

Fire and Life Safety

Dunbar Security Solutions has taken extra steps to provide your business with the highest standard of fire and life safety solutions at an affordable price. Our team will assess, design, install, and monitor your fire & life safety systems to ensure that you are always prepared for the unexpected. We prioritize training and certification to give you the best quality solutions.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions take your security system to the next level, providing you with visual access to your entire portfolio from one central location. This not only enhances safety protection, but also allows you to assess, analyze, and record any workplace incident.

Monitoring Services

Dunbar Security Solutions always goes the extra mile, offering a physical monitoring staff to manage your security systems. Our security operations center is staffed with trained, experienced professionals who are ready to respond 24/7. Our team will ensure that your facility stays secure so that you can remain fully focused on your business.

Dunbar’s Full Range of Security Solutions

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Protective Guard

Expert security guards for armed security, investigations, security assessment, and more.

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Security Systems

Customized solutions to keep you and yours safe.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance provides a powerful tool for mitigating risk, improving overall business security.

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Monitoring Service

We take care of your monitoring needs so that you can stay focused on your business.

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Access Control & Intrusion Detection

Protect your facility and employees with minimal disruption. Deter potential intruders with Dunbar's Intrusion Detection.

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Fire & Life Safety

We prioritize training and certification to help you obtain the highest standards of Fire and Life Safety affordably.