Current and Prospective Clients


Dunbar's guards present more of a polished and professional look than the guards we had from the previous company we used.

The look of Dunbar's guards is head and shoulders above what we experience before and I do believe their presence has decreased criminality on our sites.

Myself and any of our regional managers would be comfortable saying we would recommend Dunbar for other organizations' security needs.

Based on our experience and the way our service implementation was handled, I can say Dunbar is thorough and detail oriented. I believe this is a good partnership.

The guards are more accountable than those from our previous provider.

Of course, there is always trial and error in getting the right guards for the daytime and evening shifts, but Dunbar has done an all-around great job with implementing their services.

It's easy to contact Dunbar during emergencies or with questions about an incident report, etc. and we receive a near-immediate response every time we reach out.

In the past it had been hard for us to request and receive last minute coverage for a community that doesn't have security, but that has not been the case with Dunbar. We know if they say they're going to make something happen, they will make it happen.

When Dunbar came and gave their initial presentation it impressed us right off the bat.

We were most impressed with the way Andrew and Sam were able to answer our questions before we even asked them. Because Dunbar was so thorough and they were the first company we met with, we held everyone else up to the standards they set with their presentation.